Who We Are



FAC the company

FAC started in 1981 providing customers with a full range of products and services. We are centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska and offer solutions to your Printing, Mailing, Warehousing, and Fulfillment needs. Recent expansion to our facilities has allowed us to offer a wide range of Corporate Apparel and Promotional Items customized with your logo to complement your image.

Our Sales and Marketing professionals understand the marketplace providing our Clients with all of the necessary tools to effectively promote their image.

At FAC we believe that it is not enough to prepare and produce our customers’ products with exacting attention to detail. Our job is completed when we have delivered that message in the right format at the right time.

Our Motto

“We are an organization of young at hearts, we are flexible, fluid, and adaptable to change. We will always be there. We are persistent in our abilities to overcome; We have an intrinsic need to service our customers. We are empowered by our skills, and our belief in quality. We are professional. We have the ability to meet challenges from unexpected directions. We are fans of loyalty. We will not compromise."